Robert Bell grave monument in St Mary (part 2) , Heworth, Durham, England

Robert Bell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Bell
1934611873first name on monument
Elizabeth Bell
1941 wife of Robert BellNo age given
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image: 6495
grave: 694398
Martha Taggart
image number 6495
image: 6496
grave: 694399
Joseph Henry Lightfoot
image number 6496
image: 6498
grave: 694400
Dorothy Hardwick
image number 6498
image: 6503
grave: 694401
Robert Charlton
image number 6503
image: 6505
grave: 694402
Joseph Henry Knaggs
image number 6505
image: 6506
grave: 694403
Sophia Proctor
image number 6506
image: 6507
grave: 694404
George William Moses
image number 6507
image: 6508
grave: 694405
Robert Watson Stevenson
image number 6508
image: 6511
grave: 694406
Robert Donaldson
image number 6511
image: 6514
grave: 694407
Samuel Knapper
image number 6514
image: 6515
grave: 694408
Robert Bell
image number 6515
image: 6516
grave: 694409
John William Scott
image number 6516
image: 6517
grave: 694410
John Robert Smith
image number 6517
image: 6519
grave: 694411
James Mcdonald
image number 6519
image: 6523
grave: 694412
George Watts
image number 6523
image: 6524
grave: 694413
Patrick Bradley
image number 6524
image: 6525
grave: 694414
Ernest Pendleton
image number 6525
image: 6526
grave: 694415
Louisa Neave
image number 6526
image: 6527
grave: 694416
Charles W Honeyball
image number 6527
image: 6528
grave: 694417
Sarah Jane Proctor
image number 6528
image: 6529
grave: 694418
Rennison Carter
image number 6529

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