Jane R Brown grave monument in St Mary (part 2) , Heworth, Durham, England

Jane R Brown grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jane R Brown
1929261903first name on monument
William E Brown
husband of Jane R Brown
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image: 6386
grave: 694319
Mary Hallewill Cowley
image number 6386
image: 6387
grave: 694320
Christina Ranft
image number 6387
image: 6388
grave: 694321
Thomas Swinburne
image number 6388
image: 6389
grave: 694322
Robert Edwin Hall
image number 6389
image: 6391
grave: 694323
Charles Watson
image number 6391
image: 6393
grave: 694324
Ann Mcdonald
image number 6393
image: 6394
grave: 694325
Mary Pugh
image number 6394
image: 6395
grave: 694326
Adam Forsyth
image number 6395
image: 6396
grave: 694327
J Gair
image number 6396
image: 6397
grave: 694328
D Wilson
image number 6397
image: 6398
grave: 694329
Jane R Brown
image number 6398
image: 6399
grave: 694330
M Eunice Donkin
image number 6399
image: 6402
grave: 694331
John Frederick Robson
image number 6402
image: 6403
grave: 694332
Ronald O'neil
image number 6403
image: 6404
grave: 694333
Jane Hutton
image number 6404
image: 6405
grave: 694334
James William Wiffen
image number 6405
image: 6406
grave: 694335
Jacob Porritt
image number 6406
image: 6407
grave: 694336
Ida Bell
image number 6407
image: 6408
grave: 694337
Margaret Jane Curtis
image number 6408
image: 6409
grave: 694338
Alice Isabella Bower
image number 6409
image: 6410
grave: 694339
Mary Ann Stead
image number 6410

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