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John Spawforth grave monument in All Saints (part 6) burial ground, Normanton, Yorkshire, England

John Spawforth grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Spawforth
Herbert Spawforth
1950581892son of John Spawforth
Elizabeth Spawforth
1937741863wife of John Spawforth
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Spawforth grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 683998)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for John Spawforth was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for John Spawforth below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the John Spawforth grave.

image: 6
grave: 683994
George Henry Richardson
image number 6
image: 7
grave: 683995
G A Sheard
image number 7
image: 8
grave: 683996
J E Simpson
image number 8
image: 9
grave: 683997
George Henry Green
image number 9
image: 10
grave: 683998
John Spawforth
image number 10
image: 11
grave: 683999
Elizabeth Ann Spawforth
image number 11
image: 12
grave: 684000
Emily Jones
image number 12
image: 13
grave: 684001
John Royce
image number 13
image: 14
grave: 684002
Phoebe Simpson
image number 14
image: 15
grave: 684003
Mary Pickles
image number 15
image: 16
grave: 684004
John George Wallace
image number 16
image: 17
grave: 684005
James Pitchford
image number 17
image: 18
grave: 684006
Joshua Jones
image number 18
image: 19
grave: 684007
Thomas Gill
image number 19
image: 20
grave: 684008
James Wilder
image number 20

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This breadcrumb trail system was added to the GPR on 15th August 2016.