Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 681656Details of grave number 681656 at All Saints West Haddon for Nathaniel Parnell

Nathaniel Parnell grave monument in All Saints burial ground, West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England

Nathaniel Parnell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Nathaniel Parnell
Elizabeth Parnell
03/08/1847101837daughter of Nathaniel Parnell
Anne Parnell
25/11/1849151834daughter of Nathaniel Parnell
William Parnell
05/12/1860131847son of Nathaniel Parnell
Nathaniel Parnell
20/06/1872311841son of Nathaniel Parnell
Joseph Ebenezer Parnell
1881 son of Nathaniel Parnell
Elizabeth Parnell
15/04/1893841809wife of Nathaniel Parnell

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image: Aswh270
grave: 681646
Ann Nunns
image number Aswh270
image: Aswh271
grave: 681647
Elizabeth Oliver
image number Aswh271
image: Aswh272
grave: 681648
Elizabeth Orland
image number Aswh272
image: Aswh273
grave: 681649
Rosa Irene Orland
image number Aswh273
image: Aswh274
grave: 681650
Thomas John Osbourne
image number Aswh274
image: Aswh275
grave: 681651
Neil O'shaughnessy
image number Aswh275
image: Aswh276
grave: 681652
Clement Pain
image number Aswh276
image: Aswh277
grave: 681653
Jane Parnell
image number Aswh277
image: Aswh278
grave: 681654
Caroline Parnell
image number Aswh278
image: Aswh279
grave: 681655
Elizabeth Parnell
image number Aswh279
image: Aswh280
grave: 681656
Nathaniel Parnell
image number Aswh280
image: Aswh281
grave: 681657
Frederick Richard Parnell
image number Aswh281
image: Aswh282
grave: 681658
Kate Parnell
image number Aswh282
image: Aswh283
grave: 681659
Richard Parnell
image number Aswh283
image: Aswh284
grave: 681660
Richard Parnell
image number Aswh284
image: Aswh285
grave: 681661
Richard Parnell
image number Aswh285
image: Aswh286
grave: 681662
Thomas Parnell
image number Aswh286
image: Aswh287
grave: 681663
William Cotterell Parnell
image number Aswh287
image: Aswh288
grave: 681664
James Parsons
image number Aswh288
image: Aswh289
grave: 681665
Charles Heygate Parsons
image number Aswh289
image: Aswh290
grave: 681666
Isabella Mary Ann Parsons
image number Aswh290

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