Reginald Nessling grave monument in All Saints , West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England

Reginald Nessling grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Reginald Nessling
04/10/2000721928first name on monument
William Arnold Nessling
relationship not known of Reginald Nessling
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Reginald Nessling grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 681640)

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image: Aswh254
grave: 681630
Mary Manton
image number Aswh254
image: Aswh255
grave: 681631
Martha Margetts
image number Aswh255
image: Aswh256
grave: 681632
William Middleton
image number Aswh256
image: Aswh257
grave: 681633
James Phillip Miller
image number Aswh257
image: Aswh258
grave: 681634
Alice Maud Buckley Morgan
image number Aswh258
image: Aswh259
grave: 681635
Kenwyn John Morris
image number Aswh259
image: Aswh260
grave: 681636
Louie May Muddiman
image number Aswh260
image: Aswh261
grave: 681637
George Henry Nash
image number Aswh261
image: Aswh262
grave: 681638
Henry Charles Nash
image number Aswh262
image: Aswh263
grave: 681639
Wallace Nelson
image number Aswh263
image: Aswh264
grave: 681640
Reginald Nessling
image number Aswh264
image: Aswh265
grave: 681641
Arthur Thomas Newcombe
image number Aswh265
image: Aswh266
grave: 681642
Harriett Maris Newcombe
image number Aswh266
image: Aswh267
grave: 681643
Thomas Newcombe
image number Aswh267
image: Aswh268
grave: 681644
Hannah Newton
image number Aswh268
image: Aswh269
grave: 681645
Samuel Newton
image number Aswh269
image: Aswh270
grave: 681646
Ann Nunns
image number Aswh270
image: Aswh271
grave: 681647
Elizabeth Oliver
image number Aswh271
image: Aswh272
grave: 681648
Elizabeth Orland
image number Aswh272
image: Aswh273
grave: 681649
Rosa Irene Orland
image number Aswh273
image: Aswh274
grave: 681650
Thomas John Osbourne
image number Aswh274

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