Robert Charles Joseph Litchfield grave monument in All Saints , West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England

Robert Charles Joseph Litchfield grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Charles Joseph (Bob) Litchfield
1999771922first name on monument
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image: Aswh236
grave: 681612
Alfred Thomas Lee
image number Aswh236
image: Aswh237
grave: 681613
Beryl Florence Lee
image number Aswh237
image: Aswh238
grave: 681614
Ena Margaret Lee
image number Aswh238
image: Aswh239
grave: 681615
William Harold Lee
image number Aswh239
image: Aswh240
grave: 681616
Janet Sharpe Leist
image number Aswh240
image: Aswh241
grave: 681617
George Scott Letts
image number Aswh241
image: Aswh242
grave: 681618
William Scott Letts
image number Aswh242
image: Aswh243
grave: 681619
Winifred Mary Letts
image number Aswh243
image: Aswh244
grave: 681620
Mary Line
image number Aswh244
image: Aswh245
grave: 681621
Joseph Coles Litchfield
image number Aswh245
image: Aswh246
grave: 681622
Robert Charles Joseph Litchfield
image number Aswh246
image: Aswh247
grave: 681623
Mark Lord
image number Aswh247
image: Aswh248
grave: 681624
Mary Lovell
image number Aswh248
image: Aswh249
grave: 681625
William Lovett
image number Aswh249
image: Aswh250
grave: 681626
William Lovett
image number Aswh250
image: Aswh251
grave: 681627
Rachel Mary Mackie
image number Aswh251
image: Aswh252
grave: 681628
Hannah Manton
image number Aswh252
image: Aswh253
grave: 681629
John Manton
image number Aswh253
image: Aswh254
grave: 681630
Mary Manton
image number Aswh254
image: Aswh255
grave: 681631
Martha Margetts
image number Aswh255
image: Aswh256
grave: 681632
William Middleton
image number Aswh256

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