John Kilworth grave monument in All Saints , West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England

John Kilworth grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Kilworth
24/05/1836661770first name on monumentHusband of Ann Kilworth.
Mary Ann Kilworth
21/04/1816 daughter of John KilworthDied in infancy.
William Kilworth
09/01/1841231818son of John Kilworth
Ann Kilworth
wife of John Kilworth
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image: Aswh217
grave: 681593
Grace Kilsby
image number Aswh217
image: Aswh218
grave: 681594
John Kilsby
image number Aswh218
image: Aswh219
grave: 681595
John Kilsby
image number Aswh219
image: Aswh220
grave: 681596
Mary Kilsby
image number Aswh220
image: Aswh221
grave: 681597
John Kilsby
image number Aswh221
image: Aswh222
grave: 681598
John Kilsby
image number Aswh222
image: Aswh223
grave: 681599
Mary Kilsby
image number Aswh223
image: Aswh224
grave: 681600
Robert Kilsby
image number Aswh224
image: Aswh225
grave: 681601
William Kilsby
image number Aswh225
image: Aswh226
grave: 681602
John Kilworth
image number Aswh226
image: Aswh227
grave: 681603
John Kilworth
image number Aswh227
image: Aswh228
grave: 681604
Elizabeth Kirtland
image number Aswh228
image: Aswh229
grave: 681605
Mary Kirtland
image number Aswh229
image: Aswh230
grave: 681606
Thomas Kirtland
image number Aswh230
image: Aswh231
grave: 681607
Mary Ladkin
image number Aswh231
image: Aswh232
grave: 681608
Mary Ladkin
image number Aswh232
image: Aswh233
grave: 681609
Hugh Ben Larby
image number Aswh233
image: Aswh234
grave: 681610
Edward William Lattimore
image number Aswh234
image: Aswh235
grave: 681611
Alice Lea
image number Aswh235
image: Aswh236
grave: 681612
Alfred Thomas Lee
image number Aswh236
image: Aswh237
grave: 681613
Beryl Florence Lee
image number Aswh237

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