Walter A Judkin grave monument in All Saints , West Haddon, Northamptonshire, England

Walter A Judkin grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Walter A Judkin
30/01/1965771888first name on monument
Hilda Judkin
28/11/1983911892wife of Walter A Judkin
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image: Aswh200
grave: 681576
John R S James
image number Aswh200
image: Aswh201
grave: 681577
John James
image number Aswh201
image: Aswh202
grave: 681578
Job Jeffkins
image number Aswh202
image: Aswh203
grave: 681579
Ann Johnson
image number Aswh203
image: Aswh204
grave: 681580
Frederick Arthur Johnson
image number Aswh204
image: Aswh205
grave: 681581
John Johnson
image number Aswh205
image: Aswh206
grave: 681582
John Johnson
image number Aswh206
image: Aswh207
grave: 681583
Dennis Charles Jones
image number Aswh207
image: Aswh208
grave: 681584
Margaret Jones
image number Aswh208
image: Aswh209
grave: 681585
Oliver John Judkin
image number Aswh209
image: Aswh210
grave: 681586
Walter A Judkin
image number Aswh210
image: Aswh211
grave: 681587
Aline Kemp
image number Aswh211
image: Aswh212
grave: 681588
Henry Kemp
image number Aswh212
image: Aswh213
grave: 681589
George Keylock
image number Aswh213
image: Aswh214
grave: 681590
William Bannister Lynch
image number Aswh214
image: Aswh215
grave: 681591
Ann Kilsby
image number Aswh215
image: Aswh216
grave: 681592
Elizabeth Kilsby
image number Aswh216
image: Aswh217
grave: 681593
Grace Kilsby
image number Aswh217
image: Aswh218
grave: 681594
John Kilsby
image number Aswh218
image: Aswh219
grave: 681595
John Kilsby
image number Aswh219
image: Aswh220
grave: 681596
Mary Kilsby
image number Aswh220

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