Wynne Wasley grave monument in St John the Baptist , Mathon, Herefordshire, England

Wynne Wasley grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Wynne Wasley
27/12/1962651897first name on monument
Rosa Elizabeth Wasley
2004911913daughter of Wynne Wasley
Arthur E Wasley
10/07/1967861881husband of Wynne Wasley
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image: Msj85
grave: 678885
Alfred Cyril Daw
image number Msj85
image: Msj86
grave: 678886
Peter Charles Bilson
image number Msj86
image: Msj87
grave: 678887
John Victor Lawrence
image number Msj87
image: Msj88
grave: 678888
Percy Charles Jones
image number Msj88
image: Msj89
grave: 678889
Roger Frederick Badham
image number Msj89
image: Msj90
grave: 678890
Rose May Bosley
image number Msj90
image: Msj91
grave: 678891
Thomas Fencott Clarke
image number Msj91
image: Msj92
grave: 678892
Toby Diamond
image number Msj92
image: Msj93
grave: 678893
Violet May Richings
image number Msj93
image: Msj94
grave: 678894
William Lane
image number Msj94
image: Msj95
grave: 678895
Wynne Wasley
image number Msj95

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