Katie Ascott grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Dorking, Surrey, England

Katie Ascott grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Katie Ascott
Frank Edward Ascott
68husband of Katie Ascott
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image: 232
grave: 67754
William Wells
image number 232
image: 233
grave: 67755
Grace Rose Rutledge
image number 233
image: 234
grave: 67756
Edith Hester Early
image number 234
image: 235
grave: 67757
Lucy Amy Bailey
image number 235
image: 236
grave: 67758
Nathaniel Wilkinson
image number 236
image: 237
grave: 67759
Nancy Shipton
image number 237
image: 238
grave: 67760
Harthill Thomas James Thompson
image number 238
image: 239
grave: 67761
Nellie Mary Winch
image number 239
image: 240
grave: 67762
William Pearson
image number 240
image: 241
grave: 67763
Marie Watters
image number 241
image: 242
grave: 67764
Katie Ascott
image number 242
image: 243
grave: 67765
Frank Gravett
image number 243
image: 244
grave: 67766
Frederick James Jupp
image number 244
image: 245
grave: 67767
Alfred Peacock
image number 245
image: 246
grave: 67768
Bridget McShea
image number 246
image: 247
grave: 67769
Catharine Agnes Bridges
image number 247
image: 248
grave: 67770
Harold James Rice-Stringer
image number 248
image: 249
grave: 67771
Wilhelmina Taylor
image number 249
image: 250
grave: 67772
Henry Joseph Comber
image number 250
image: 252
grave: 67773
John Comber
image number 252
image: 253
grave: 67774
Mary Comber
image number 253

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