Robert Carr grave monument in All Saints , Lanchester, Durham, England

Robert Carr grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Carr
1859501809first name on monumentdied at South Moor
Robert Carr
1842 son of Robert Carrdied in Infancy
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image: 7919
grave: 676232
Isabella Lumley
image number 7919
image: 7920
grave: 676233
John Lumley
image number 7920
image: 7921
grave: 676234
William Mitchson
image number 7921
image: 7922
grave: 676235
Robert Croudace
image number 7922
image: 7923
grave: 676236
Robert Stringer
image number 7923
image: 7924
grave: 676237
William Burrell
image number 7924
image: 7925
grave: 676238
James Croudace
image number 7925
image: 7926
grave: 676239
Hannah Walton
image number 7926
image: 7927
grave: 676240
Hannah Jopling
image number 7927
image: 7928
grave: 676241
Richard Carrick
image number 7928
image: 7929
grave: 676242
Robert Carr
image number 7929
image: 7930
grave: 676243
Dinah Thompson
image number 7930
image: 7931
grave: 676244
John Toward
image number 7931
image: 7933
grave: 676245
John Wright
image number 7933
image: 7934
grave: 676246
William Wheatley Brown
image number 7934
image: 7935
grave: 676247
Joseph Bell
image number 7935
image: 7936
grave: 676248
Thomas Hodgson
image number 7936
image: 7937
grave: 676249
William Darnell
image number 7937
image: 7938
grave: 676250
Michael Whitley
image number 7938
image: 7939
grave: 676251
George Maddison
image number 7939
image: 7940
grave: 676252
John Proud
image number 7940

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