Dorothy Brown grave monument in All Saints burial ground, Lanchester, Durham, England

Dorothy Brown grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Dorothy Brown
Thomas Brown
1822761746husband of Dorothy Brown
Thomas Brown
1811251786son of Dorothy Brown
Leonard Brown
1822321790son of Dorothy Brown
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Dorothy Brown grave location

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image: 200
grave: 676062
Harriott Ann Laycock
image number 200
image: 202
grave: 676063
Robert Taylor
image number 202
image: 203
grave: 676064
John Gascoigne
image number 203
image: 204
grave: 676065
Thomas Harle
image number 204
image: 206
grave: 676066
William Amos
image number 206
image: 207
grave: 676067
Elizabeth Bell
image number 207
image: 208
grave: 676068
John Taylor
image number 208
image: 210
grave: 676069
Joseph Watson
image number 210
image: 211
grave: 676070
Joseph Ernest Kelly
image number 211
image: 213
grave: 676071
George Peverell
image number 213
image: 215
grave: 676072
Dorothy Brown
image number 215
image: 216
grave: 676073
Jane Parker
image number 216
image: 221
grave: 676074
William Dixon
image number 221
image: 223
grave: 676075
George Holmes
image number 223
image: 224
grave: 676076
Ralph Compton
image number 224
image: 225
grave: 676077
image number 225
image: 228
grave: 676078
Alsie Nowell
image number 228
image: 230
grave: 676079
George William Wilson
image number 230
image: 231
grave: 676080
J W Morrison Archbold
image number 231
image: 233
grave: 676081
Joseph Craggs
image number 233
image: 235
grave: 676082
George Shipley
image number 235

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