Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 673821Details of grave number 673821 at General Narooma for Muriel Peace Warton

Muriel Peace Warton grave monument in General cemetery, Narooma, New South Wales, Australia

Muriel Peace Warton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Muriel Peace Warton
Michele Warton
daughter of Muriel Peace Warton
Leslie Kenneth Warton
1994811913husband of Muriel Peace Warton
Len Warton
son of Muriel Peace Warton
Alan Warton
son of Muriel Peace Warton

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image: 1815
grave: 673811
A J Constable
image number 1815
image: 1816
grave: 673812
Francis Louise Moffitt
image number 1816
image: 1817
grave: 673813
Evelyn May Marshall
image number 1817
image: 1818
grave: 673814
William Marshall
image number 1818
image: 1819
grave: 673815
Ruth Edna Holzhauser
image number 1819
image: 1820
grave: 673816
Graham George Stunden
image number 1820
image: 1821
grave: 673817
Clifford Joseph Weaver
image number 1821
image: 1822
grave: 673818
Elizabeth Ethel Morath
image number 1822
image: 1823
grave: 673819
V Inskip
image number 1823
image: 1824
grave: 673820
Gerald Bede Salmon
image number 1824
image: 1825
grave: 673821
Muriel Peace Warton
image number 1825
image: 1826
grave: 673822
Roslyn Joyce Mood
image number 1826
image: 1827
grave: 673823
P C Madden
image number 1827
image: 1828
grave: 673824
Leonard William Momsen
image number 1828
image: 1829
grave: 673825
Alice Jule Momsen
image number 1829
image: 1830
grave: 673826
George Henry Goodin
image number 1830
image: 1831
grave: 673827
Alice May Crockett
image number 1831
image: 1832
grave: 673828
Lila Beryle Payne
image number 1832
image: 1834
grave: 673829
Wendy Faulder
image number 1834
image: 1836
grave: 673830
Jeff Harris Brice
image number 1836
image: 1837
grave: 673831
Bertha Hayes
image number 1837

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