Elsie E Coutts grave monument in General cemetery, Narooma, New South Wales, Australia

Elsie E Coutts grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elsie E Coutts
Sue Coutts
daughter of Elsie E Coutts
Ron Coutts
husband of Elsie E Coutts
Tim Coutts
son of Elsie E Coutts
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Elsie E Coutts grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 673641)

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image: 7177
grave: 673631
Keith Pearsall Finn
image number 7177
image: 7180
grave: 673632
Alan William Russell
image number 7180
image: 7182
grave: 673633
Anne Mcclure
image number 7182
image: 7187
grave: 673634
William Charles Spence
image number 7187
image: 7188
grave: 673635
Edna Florence Swain
image number 7188
image: 7190
grave: 673636
Moya Violet Phillips
image number 7190
image: 7192
grave: 673637
Ronald Taffy Watkins
image number 7192
image: 7194
grave: 673638
Anne Noyes
image number 7194
image: 7195
grave: 673639
William Horace Noyes
image number 7195
image: 7197
grave: 673640
Alice Eileen Dimond
image number 7197
image: 7199
grave: 673641
Elsie E Coutts
image number 7199
image: 7200
grave: 673642
Ronald L Coutts
image number 7200
image: 7204
grave: 673643
Alexander John Tulloch
image number 7204
image: 7210
grave: 673644
Frank Reginald Dare
image number 7210
image: 7212
grave: 673645
Clem Phelps
image number 7212
image: 7214
grave: 673646
Reginald Noel Henniker
image number 7214
image: 7216
grave: 673647
Lionel Miners
image number 7216
image: 7220
grave: 673648
Joseph S Browne
image number 7220
image: 1590
grave: 673649
Harriet Wyatt
image number 1590
image: 1592
grave: 673650
Francis Edward Haigh
image number 1592
image: 1594
grave: 673651
Henry Albert Baker
image number 1594

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