Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 673200Details of grave number 673200 at Municipal (part 1) Minehead for Jessie Phyllis Hearsey

Jessie Phyllis Hearsey grave monument in Municipal (part 1) cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

Jessie Phyllis Hearsey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jessie Phyllis Hearsey
Frances Lydia Hall
sister of Jessie Phyllis Hearsey

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image: MDMun764
grave: 673190
Edwin Henry Howe
image number MDMun764
image: MDMun765
grave: 673191
Violet Evelyn Ethel Franklin
image number MDMun765
image: MDMun766
grave: 673192
Eva May Brazier
image number MDMun766
image: MDMun767
grave: 673193
Richard F Chapman
image number MDMun767
image: MDMun768
grave: 673194
Henry Andrews
image number MDMun768
image: MDMun769
grave: 673195
Rosetta Mary Fennessy
image number MDMun769
image: MDMun770
grave: 673196
Kate Moore
image number MDMun770
image: MDMun771
grave: 673197
Grace Eva Prescott
image number MDMun771
image: MDMun772
grave: 673198
Mervyn John Gould Hill
image number MDMun772
image: MDMun773
grave: 673199
Lewis Betts
image number MDMun773
image: MDMun774
grave: 673200
Jessie Phyllis Hearsey
image number MDMun774
image: MDMun775
grave: 673201
W Arthur Griggs
image number MDMun775
image: MDMun777
grave: 673202
Jessie Maud Scott Parker
image number MDMun777
image: MDMun778
grave: 673203
Constance Mary Wilkinson
image number MDMun778
image: MDMun779
grave: 673204
Francis John Coleby
image number MDMun779
image: MDMun780
grave: 673205
Edward James Jones
image number MDMun780
image: MDMun781
grave: 673206
Cyril Cuthbert Whale
image number MDMun781
image: MDMun782
grave: 673207
Dorothy Skinner
image number MDMun782
image: MDMun784
grave: 673208
Frederick Arthur Rackett
image number MDMun784
image: MDMun784
grave: 673209
James Blake Raim
image number MDMun784
image: MDMun784
grave: 673210
Beatrice Jane Aplin
image number MDMun784

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