Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 673186Details of grave number 673186 at Municipal (part 1) Minehead for Alice May Osborne

Alice May Osborne grave monument in Municipal (part 1) cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

Alice May Osborne grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alice May Osborne
John William Osborne
1988791909relationship not known of Alice May Osborne

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image: MDMun750
grave: 673176
Mary Padgett
image number MDMun750
image: MDMun751
grave: 673177
Ernie Baker
image number MDMun751
image: MDMun752
grave: 673178
William F Hill
image number MDMun752
image: MDMun753
grave: 673179
Arthur Henry Cloke
image number MDMun753
image: MDMun754
grave: 673180
Ethel Louvain Jones
image number MDMun754
image: MDMun755
grave: 673181
Neva L Martel
image number MDMun755
image: MDMun756
grave: 673182
Marjorie Winifred Allen
image number MDMun756
image: MDMun757
grave: 673183
Andrew Charles Gollan
image number MDMun757
image: MDMun758
grave: 673184
Kenneth Thomas Dewey
image number MDMun758
image: MDMun759
grave: 673185
George E Sanders
image number MDMun759
image: MDMun760
grave: 673186
Alice May Osborne
image number MDMun760
image: MDMun761
grave: 673187
Maud Wilkes
image number MDMun761
image: MDMun762
grave: 673188
Edith May Houghton
image number MDMun762
image: MDMun763
grave: 673189
Thomas Leete
image number MDMun763
image: MDMun764
grave: 673190
Edwin Henry Howe
image number MDMun764
image: MDMun765
grave: 673191
Violet Evelyn Ethel Franklin
image number MDMun765
image: MDMun766
grave: 673192
Eva May Brazier
image number MDMun766
image: MDMun767
grave: 673193
Richard F Chapman
image number MDMun767
image: MDMun768
grave: 673194
Henry Andrews
image number MDMun768
image: MDMun769
grave: 673195
Rosetta Mary Fennessy
image number MDMun769
image: MDMun770
grave: 673196
Kate Moore
image number MDMun770

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