Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 672802Details of grave number 672802 at Municipal (part 1) Minehead for Doris Fish

Doris Fish grave monument in Municipal (part 1) cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

Doris Fish grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Doris Fish
Roy William Fish
2012911921husband of Doris Fish

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image: MDMun364
grave: 672792
John Robert Hodgkinson
image number MDMun364
image: MDMun365
grave: 672793
Ray Nash
image number MDMun365
image: MDMun366
grave: 672794
Gill Beeston
image number MDMun366
image: MDMun367
grave: 672795
Bill Sweetland
image number MDMun367
image: MDMun368
grave: 672796
Peter Cooksley
image number MDMun368
image: MDMun369
grave: 672797
Eileen Griffin
image number MDMun369
image: MDMun370
grave: 672798
Dick Watts
image number MDMun370
image: MDMun371
grave: 672799
Jack Crawford
image number MDMun371
image: MDMun372
grave: 672800
Malcolm Slade
image number MDMun372
image: MDMun373
grave: 672801
John B Roberts
image number MDMun373
image: MDMun374
grave: 672802
Doris Fish
image number MDMun374
image: MDMun375
grave: 672803
Harold George Feasey
image number MDMun375
image: MDMun376
grave: 672804
Alphonsus James Ward
image number MDMun376
image: MDMun377
grave: 672805
Russell H S Barker
image number MDMun377
image: MDMun378
grave: 672806
Stanley Reynolds
image number MDMun378
image: MDMun379
grave: 672807
Nicholas John Ridler
image number MDMun379
image: MDMun380
grave: 672808
Elizabeth Joan Hawkins
image number MDMun380
image: MDMun381
grave: 672809
Brian Tucker
image number MDMun381
image: MDMun382
grave: 672810
Francis Bushen
image number MDMun382
image: MDMun383
grave: 672811
Eliza Jane Priscott
image number MDMun383
image: MDMun384
grave: 672812
Arthur James Evans
image number MDMun384

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