Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 672650Details of grave number 672650 at Municipal (part 1) Minehead for C E Oxenham

C E Oxenham grave monument in Municipal (part 1) cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

C E Oxenham grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
C E (John) Oxenham
N V (Anne) Oxenham
2004901914wife of C E Oxenham

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image: MDMun209
grave: 672640
Laurence Rickets
image number MDMun209
image: MDMun210
grave: 672641
Gerald Creech
image number MDMun210
image: MDMun211
grave: 672642
Desmond Sidney Sully
image number MDMun211
image: MDMun212
grave: 672643
Ernest Brian Duckett
image number MDMun212
image: MDMun213
grave: 672644
George Geoffrey Barrett
image number MDMun213
image: MDMun214
grave: 672645
Brenda Ann Southcott
image number MDMun214
image: MDMun215
grave: 672646
John Campbell Sweenie
image number MDMun215
image: MDMun216
grave: 672647
Gladys Edith Rochford
image number MDMun216
image: MDMun217
grave: 672648
Islwyn Roberts
image number MDMun217
image: MDMun218
grave: 672649
A J Potter
image number MDMun218
image: MDMun219
grave: 672650
C E Oxenham
image number MDMun219
image: MDMun220
grave: 672651
Ivy Rose Murphy
image number MDMun220
image: MDMun221
grave: 672652
Tom Catley
image number MDMun221
image: MDMun222
grave: 672653
Lily-ann Rosie Morton
image number MDMun222
image: MDMun223
grave: 672654
Frankie Akay
image number MDMun223
image: MDMun224
grave: 672655
James Setter
image number MDMun224
image: MDMun225
grave: 672656
Sidney Walter Bridal
image number MDMun225
image: MDMun226
grave: 672657
Roger Shire
image number MDMun226
image: MDMun227
grave: 672658
Margaret Rose Davis
image number MDMun227
image: MDMun228
grave: 672659
Rhoda Hill
image number MDMun228
image: MDMun229
grave: 672660
Dora Elizabeth Gregory
image number MDMun229

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