Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 672608Details of grave number 672608 at Municipal (part 1) Minehead for Alf Bryan

Alf Bryan grave monument in Municipal (part 1) cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

Alf Bryan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alf Bryan

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(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 672608)

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image: MDMun167
grave: 672598
Gerald Arthur Williams
image number MDMun167
image: MDMun168
grave: 672599
Marguerite Anne Hoyland
image number MDMun168
image: MDMun169
grave: 672600
Maureen Flintoff
image number MDMun169
image: MDMun170
grave: 672601
Gordon James Malin
image number MDMun170
image: MDMun171
grave: 672602
Irene Marr
image number MDMun171
image: MDMun172
grave: 672603
Jessamine Mary Pugsley
image number MDMun172
image: MDMun173
grave: 672604
Enid Diane Buckland
image number MDMun173
image: MDMun174
grave: 672605
Eleanor May Gartland
image number MDMun174
image: MDMun175
grave: 672606
Anthony Knight
image number MDMun175
image: MDMun176
grave: 672607
Don Hancock
image number MDMun176
image: MDMun177
grave: 672608
Alf Bryan
image number MDMun177
image: MDMun178
grave: 672609
Alan Oliver Walton
image number MDMun178
image: MDMun179
grave: 672610
Patricia Jones
image number MDMun179
image: MDMun180
grave: 672611
Joseph George Groves
image number MDMun180
image: MDMun181
grave: 672612
Doris Edna Hooper
image number MDMun181
image: MDMun182
grave: 672613
Arthur Richard Talbot
image number MDMun182
image: MDMun183
grave: 672614
Connie Johnson
image number MDMun183
image: MDMun184
grave: 672615
Antony Gordon Patrick O'sullivan
image number MDMun184
image: MDMun185
grave: 672616
Stella Mary Elston
image number MDMun185
image: MDMun186
grave: 672617
Mary Helena Hunt
image number MDMun186
image: MDMun187
grave: 672618
Renato Di Filippo
image number MDMun187

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