Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 672571Details of grave number 672571 at Municipal (part 1) Minehead for Antony Gordon West

Antony Gordon West grave monument in Municipal (part 1) cemetery, Minehead, Somerset, England

Antony Gordon West grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Antony Gordon West
Anne West
wife of Antony Gordon West

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image: MDMun130
grave: 672561
Ronald Geoffrey Slade
image number MDMun130
image: MDMun131
grave: 672562
Stephen Mario Vaughan
image number MDMun131
image: MDMun132
grave: 672563
Irene Jacqueline Sloman
image number MDMun132
image: MDMun133
grave: 672564
Vivian W C Morgan
image number MDMun133
image: MDMun134
grave: 672565
Douglas Mark Mvdonald
image number MDMun134
image: MDMun135
grave: 672566
James Leslie Birkett
image number MDMun135
image: MDMun136
grave: 672567
Sheila Lewis
image number MDMun136
image: MDMun137
grave: 672568
Mary Joyce Williams
image number MDMun137
image: MDMun138
grave: 672569
Thomas Catley
image number MDMun138
image: MDMun139
grave: 672570
Leland Ronald Hoganson
image number MDMun139
image: MDMun140
grave: 672571
Antony Gordon West
image number MDMun140
image: MDMun141
grave: 672572
Arthur Frederick James Frost
image number MDMun141
image: MDMun142
grave: 672573
Sheila Thompson
image number MDMun142
image: MDMun143
grave: 672574
Betty Conway
image number MDMun143
image: MDMun144
grave: 672575
Carole Margaret Price
image number MDMun144
image: MDMun145
grave: 672576
Vanessa Louise Williams
image number MDMun145
image: MDMun146
grave: 672577
Hilda Mary Fisher
image number MDMun146
image: MDMun147
grave: 672578
Frank Perrin
image number MDMun147
image: MDMun148
grave: 672579
Mary Edith Morton
image number MDMun148
image: MDMun149
grave: 672580
Richard H Hall
image number MDMun149
image: MDMun150
grave: 672581
Albert R Hall
image number MDMun150

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