John Hodgins grave monument in Campbells Hill (Anglican) cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

John Hodgins grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Hodgins
Mary Jane Hodgins
1920771843wife of John Hodginsw
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Hodgins grave location

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image: 1502
grave: 670978
James Oscar Dean
image number 1502
image: 1503
grave: 670979
Margaret Kirtley
image number 1503
image: 1504
grave: 670980
Janet Maud Hinton
image number 1504
image: 1505
grave: 670981
William Henry Jones
image number 1505
image: 1506
grave: 670982
Maxwell George Franks
image number 1506
image: 1507
grave: 670983
Annie Ella Arkell
image number 1507
image: 1508
grave: 670984
Les Incher
image number 1508
image: 1509
grave: 670985
Birdie Incher
image number 1509
image: 1510
grave: 670986
Elizabeth Bowran Embleton
image number 1510
image: 1511
grave: 670987
James Boutillier
image number 1511
image: 1512
grave: 670988
John Hodgins
image number 1512
image: 1513
grave: 670989
John Henry Whatham
image number 1513
image: 1514
grave: 670990
Mabel Annie Ashman
image number 1514
image: 1515
grave: 670991
Richard Ashman
image number 1515
image: 1516
grave: 670992
John Watham
image number 1516
image: 1517
grave: 670993
Alice Watham
image number 1517
image: 1518
grave: 670994
Sidney Roy Horder
image number 1518
image: 1519
grave: 670995
Cecil John Horder
image number 1519
image: 1520
grave: 670996
Alfred Hill
image number 1520
image: 1521
grave: 670997
Jim Beveridge
image number 1521
image: 1522
grave: 670998
Arthur Llewellyn Robson
image number 1522

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