William Beaven grave monument in Campbells Hill (Anglican) cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

William Beaven grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Beaven
Catherine Beaven
1930881842relationship not known of William Beaven
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image: 1373
grave: 670849
Daisy Quinton
image number 1373
image: 1374
grave: 670850
Benjamin James Edmonds
image number 1374
image: 1375
grave: 670851
Harold Mitchell
image number 1375
image: 1376
grave: 670852
James Patrick Pratt
image number 1376
image: 1377
grave: 670853
Vincent Henry Pratt
image number 1377
image: 1378
grave: 670854
Sarah Howell
image number 1378
image: 1379
grave: 670855
William Banham
image number 1379
image: 1380
grave: 670856
Michael Albert Hough
image number 1380
image: 1381
grave: 670857
Margaret Neal
image number 1381
image: 1382
grave: 670858
Martha Elizabeth Lewis
image number 1382
image: 1383
grave: 670859
William Beaven
image number 1383
image: 1384
grave: 670860
Alice Abigail
image number 1384
image: 1385
grave: 670861
James Clay
image number 1385
image: 1386
grave: 670862
David Leroy Whitehead
image number 1386
image: 1387
grave: 670863
Leslie Ernest Fielding
image number 1387
image: 1388
grave: 670864
William Devine
image number 1388
image: 1389
grave: 670865
Charles Anderson
image number 1389
image: 1390
grave: 670866
Dorothy May Jones
image number 1390
image: 1391
grave: 670867
Herbert Howes
image number 1391
image: 1392
grave: 670868
George Sylvester Henderson
image number 1392
image: 1393
grave: 670869
Thomas Jones
image number 1393

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