Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 669721Details of grave number 669721 at Campbells Hill (Anglican) Maitland for Elizabeth Mary Howard

Elizabeth Mary Howard grave monument in Campbells Hill (Anglican) cemetery, Maitland, New South Wales, Australia

Elizabeth Mary Howard grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elizabeth Mary Howard
Olga Howard
1963631900relationship not known of Elizabeth Mary Howard

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image: 234
grave: 669711
Walter P Thomas
image number 234
image: 235
grave: 669712
Walter Sellers
image number 235
image: 236
grave: 669713
Mary Ann Sellers
image number 236
image: 237
grave: 669714
Louisa Maud Sefton
image number 237
image: 238
grave: 669715
Kenneth George Sales
image number 238
image: 239
grave: 669716
Zara Isabel Digby
image number 239
image: 240
grave: 669717
George Ernest Digby
image number 240
image: 241
grave: 669718
Ruth Lurline Mcdonald
image number 241
image: 242
grave: 669719
Alexander Levi Skinner
image number 242
image: 243
grave: 669720
Elizabeth Howard
image number 243
image: 244
grave: 669721
Elizabeth Mary Howard
image number 244
image: 245
grave: 669722
Carl Frederick Vetter
image number 245
image: 246
grave: 669723
Donald Mcmillan
image number 246
image: 247
grave: 669724
Clara Sheely
image number 247
image: 248
grave: 669725
Linda Agnes Cox
image number 248
image: 249
grave: 669726
Clara Remmeant
image number 249
image: 250
grave: 669727
John Hamer
image number 250
image: 251
grave: 669728
Sheridan Joy Russell
image number 251
image: 252
grave: 669729
William H Stephens
image number 252
image: 253
grave: 669730
May Jean Burns
image number 253
image: 254
grave: 669731
James A Montgomery
image number 254

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