Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 660376Details of grave number 660376 at General Branxton for John William Moore

John William Moore grave monument in General cemetery, Branxton, New South Wales, Australia

John William Moore grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John William Moore

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image: 13
grave: 660366
George Martin Nilsson (neilson)
image number 13
image: 14
grave: 660367
William Percival Vile
image number 14
image: 15
grave: 660368
William P Vile
image number 15
image: 16
grave: 660369
James Allen
image number 16
image: 17
grave: 660370
Lindsay Gordon Haywood
image number 17
image: 18
grave: 660371
James Albert Johnston
image number 18
image: 19
grave: 660372
Ilma Kathleen Johnston
image number 19
image: 20
grave: 660373
Noelene Makin
image number 20
image: 21
grave: 660374
Linden Taylor
image number 21
image: 22
grave: 660375
Desmond Glen Brazel
image number 22
image: 23
grave: 660376
John William Moore
image number 23
image: 24
grave: 660377
Richard Henry Fairhall
image number 24
image: 25
grave: 660378
John Neil Fairhall
image number 25
image: 26
grave: 660379
John Clarence Fairhall
image number 26
image: 27
grave: 660380
Suzanne Barbara Cruickshanks
image number 27
image: 28
grave: 660381
Daniel Lee Charnock
image number 28
image: 29
grave: 660382
E B Robinson
image number 29
image: 30
grave: 660383
Nikki Lee Lowe
image number 30
image: 31
grave: 660384
Matthew James O'brien
image number 31
image: 32
grave: 660385
James Creswell Standen
image number 32
image: 33
grave: 660386
Nita Evelyn Ingall
image number 33

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