Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 655594Details of grave number 655594 at Uniting Wattle Park for Bruce Beltran Kilby

Bruce Beltran Kilby grave monument in Uniting cemetery, Wattle Park, New South Wales, Australia

Bruce Beltran Kilby grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Bruce Beltran Kilby
Judith Kilby
daughter of Bruce Beltran Kilby
James Kilby
son of Bruce Beltran Kilby
Neil Kilby
son of Bruce Beltran Kilby
Muriel Kilby
wife of Bruce Beltran Kilby

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image: 1718
grave: 655590
Norman Wilfred Savage
image number 1718
image: 1719
grave: 655591
Keith Lachlan Doust
image number 1719
image: 1721
grave: 655592
Archie Selwyn Lindsay Southwell
image number 1721
image: 1722
grave: 655593
Clive Thompson Gates
image number 1722
image: 1723
grave: 655594
Bruce Beltran Kilby
image number 1723
image: 1724
grave: 655595
Reginald Harris Bembrick Kellett
image number 1724

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