Mary Gibson grave monument in D3 Municipal , Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

Mary Gibson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Gibson
1915621853first name on monument
Joseph Gibson
husband of Mary Gibson
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Mary Gibson grave location

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image: 1150704
grave: 65355
Douglas Edward Morrison
image number 1150704
image: 1150706
grave: 65356
Walker Riley Wain
image number 1150706
image: 1150707
grave: 65357
William Scupham
image number 1150707
image: 1150709
grave: 65358
Louisa Jane Vickers
image number 1150709
image: 1150711
grave: 65359
William Stobart Kirby
image number 1150711
image: 1150712
grave: 65360
Thomas Robinson
image number 1150712
image: 1150713
grave: 65361
Samuel Foster
image number 1150713
image: 1150714
grave: 65362
Emily Jane Edon
image number 1150714
image: 1150715
grave: 65363
Elizabeth Davies
image number 1150715
image: 1150716
grave: 65364
Thomas Parry
image number 1150716
image: 1150717
grave: 65365
Mary Gibson
image number 1150717
image: 1150718
grave: 65366
Frances Harrison
image number 1150718
image: 1150719
grave: 65367
Mary Tindle Wood
image number 1150719
image: 1150720
grave: 65368
Ann Hannah Worthy
image number 1150720
image: 1160039
grave: 65369
Elizabeth Hornigold
image number 1160039
image: 1160040
grave: 65370
Mary Davies
image number 1160040
image: 1160041
grave: 65371
David W Thompson
image number 1160041
image: 1160042
grave: 65372
William Thompson
image number 1160042
image: 1160043
grave: 65373
Frank Johnson
image number 1160043
image: 1160044
grave: 65374
Louisa Bradley
image number 1160044
image: 1160045
grave: 65375
Elizabeth Hunter
image number 1160045

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