Bridget Fleming grave monument in Quambatook cemetery, Quambatook, Victoria, Australia

Bridget Fleming grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Bridget Fleming
Luke Daniel Fleming
18/07/1994931901husband of Bridget Fleming
John Fleming
son of Bridget Fleming
Brian Fleming
son of Bridget Fleming
Jim Fleming
son of Bridget Fleming
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Bridget Fleming grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 643693)

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image: P1220420
grave: 643683
Martin Gaule
image number P1220420
image: P1220421
grave: 643684
Catherine Bridget Nolan
image number P1220421
image: P1220422
grave: 643685
Brian Geoffrey Bourke
image number P1220422
image: P1220423
grave: 643686
Declan Duggan
image number P1220423
image: P1220424
grave: 643687
Robert Arthur Mcdade
image number P1220424
image: P1220425
grave: 643688
Thomas Michael Cummins
image number P1220425
image: P1220427
grave: 643689
Nora Ellen Mccalman
image number P1220427
image: P1220428
grave: 643690
Francies James Hooper
image number P1220428
image: P1220429
grave: 643691
Patrick Joseph Cummins
image number P1220429
image: P1220430
grave: 643692
image number P1220430
image: P1220431
grave: 643693
Bridget Fleming
image number P1220431
image: P1220432
grave: 643694
James William Fleming
image number P1220432
image: P1220433
grave: 643695
William Andrew Kelly
image number P1220433
image: P1220434
grave: 643696
Annie Mary Cummins
image number P1220434
image: P1220435
grave: 643697
Michael Henry Cummins
image number P1220435
image: P1220436
grave: 643698
Bridget Tuohey
image number P1220436
image: P1220437
grave: 643699
Michael Tuohey
image number P1220437
image: P1220438
grave: 643700
Michael Patrick Tuohey
image number P1220438
image: P1220439
grave: 643701
William Thomas Coughlan
image number P1220439
image: P1220440
grave: 643702
Daniel John Gardiner
image number P1220440
image: P1220441
grave: 643703
Catherine Coughlan
image number P1220441

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