James Alexander Watt grave monument in Presbyterian cemetery, Yallourn, Victoria, Australia

James Alexander Watt grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Alexander Watt
Barbara Watt
daughter of James Alexander Watt
Jim Watt
son of James Alexander Watt
Doris Watt
wife of James Alexander Watt
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Alexander Watt grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 641535)

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image: YAL1168
grave: 641525
Henry Whateley
image number YAL1168
image: YAL1169
grave: 641526
Henry Edward Palmer
image number YAL1169
image: YAL1170
grave: 641527
G A Matheson
image number YAL1170
image: YAL1171
grave: 641528
Ethel Sarah Hipwell
image number YAL1171
image: YAL1172
grave: 641529
William Houston
image number YAL1172
image: YAL1173
grave: 641530
Gerard H E Bouwhuis
image number YAL1173
image: YAL1174
grave: 641531
Willem Jan Stefanes Meeuwissen
image number YAL1174
image: YAL1175
grave: 641532
Selma Mary Speirs
image number YAL1175
image: YAL1176
grave: 641533
Arthur John Rowley Barks
image number YAL1176
image: YAL1177
grave: 641534
Doris May Watt
image number YAL1177
image: YAL1178
grave: 641535
James Alexander Watt
image number YAL1178
image: YAL1179
grave: 641536
Sarah Gibb Dunlop
image number YAL1179
image: YAL1180
grave: 641537
Donald Campbell Young
image number YAL1180
image: YAL1181
grave: 641538
Wiiliam Albert Clover
image number YAL1181
image: YAL1182
grave: 641539
Frank Hilderbrandt
image number YAL1182
image: YAL1183
grave: 641540
Francis Henry Richardson
image number YAL1183
image: YAL1184
grave: 641541
Robert Dickson
image number YAL1184
image: YAL1185
grave: 641542
Helen Ross
image number YAL1185
image: YAL1186
grave: 641543
Margaret Liddell
image number YAL1186
image: YAL1187
grave: 641544
James John Glover
image number YAL1187
image: YAL1188
grave: 641545
Ebenezer Renfrew
image number YAL1188

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