Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 639329Details of grave number 639329 at Civil (area 6) Petersfield for I R W Sawbridge

I R W Sawbridge grave monument in Civil (area 6) cemetery, Petersfield, Hampshire, England

I R W Sawbridge grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Captain I R W Sawbridge

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image: P1060685
grave: 639319
Affaf Clarke
image number P1060685
image: P1060692
grave: 639320
Edwin Frank Heighes
image number P1060692
image: P1060692
grave: 639321
Charles A L Jones
image number P1060692
image: P1060689
grave: 639322
Emily Duncan
image number P1060689
image: P1060697
grave: 639323
Frank Wright
image number P1060697
image: P1060696
grave: 639324
George Money
image number P1060696
image: P1060694
grave: 639325
Ivy May Stilwell
image number P1060694
image: P1060698
grave: 639326
Robert Williams
image number P1060698
image: P1060702
grave: 639327
Louisa Fiander
image number P1060702
image: P1060699
grave: 639328
Florence Williams
image number P1060699
image: P1060703
grave: 639329
I R W Sawbridge
image number P1060703
image: P1060707
grave: 639330
William James Whittington
image number P1060707
image: P1060706
grave: 639331
Mabel M Smith
image number P1060706
image: P1060705
grave: 639332
George Johnstone
image number P1060705
image: P1060704
grave: 639333
Arthur Robert Tidswell
image number P1060704
image: P1060708
grave: 639334
Clarence Turner
image number P1060708
image: P1060712
grave: 639335
Michael Rex Waller
image number P1060712
image: P1060711
grave: 639336
Rosa Maria Bridger
image number P1060711
image: P1060710
grave: 639337
Walter Smith
image number P1060710
image: P1060709
grave: 639338
William Charles Rowland
image number P1060709
image: P1060713
grave: 639339
L W Parker
image number P1060713

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