Osbert Hicks grave monument in St Agnes , Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, England

Osbert Hicks grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Osbert Hicks
18/01/1901 first name on monumentage 7mths
Robert Hicks
father of Osbert Hicks
Ethel Hicks
mother of Osbert Hicks
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Osbert Hicks grave location

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image: IoSStAg004
grave: 638320
Ann Hicks
image number IoSStAg004
image: IoSStAg005
grave: 638321
Mary Ann Hicks
image number IoSStAg005
image: IoSStAg006
grave: 638322
Isaac Legg
image number IoSStAg006
image: IoSStAg007
grave: 638323
Thomas G Hicks
image number IoSStAg007
image: IoSStAg008
grave: 638324
Amor Hicks Gibson-Legg
image number IoSStAg008
image: IoSStAg009
grave: 638325
Ferd Kreuter
image number IoSStAg009
image: IoSStAg010
grave: 638326
Charles Boxer
image number IoSStAg010
image: IoSStAg011
grave: 638327
Aaron Hicks
image number IoSStAg011
image: IoSStAg012
grave: 638328
Stephen Hicks
image number IoSStAg012
image: IoSStAg014
grave: 638329
Jonathan Legg
image number IoSStAg014
image: IoSStAg015
grave: 638330
Osbert Hicks
image number IoSStAg015
image: IoSStAg016
grave: 638331
William Osbert Hicks
image number IoSStAg016
image: IoSStAg017
grave: 638332
Gladys Hicks
image number IoSStAg017
image: IoSStAg018
grave: 638333
Margaret Hicks
image number IoSStAg018
image: IoSStAg019
grave: 638334
Mary Ann Mortimer
image number IoSStAg019
image: IoSStAg020
grave: 638335
Joseph Hicks
image number IoSStAg020
image: IoSStAg021
grave: 638336
Mary Hicks
image number IoSStAg021
image: IoSStAg022
grave: 638337
E M A Harrison
image number IoSStAg022
image: IoSStAg023
grave: 638338
Osbert Hicks
image number IoSStAg023
image: IoSStAg024
grave: 638339
Annie Treweek Hicks
image number IoSStAg024
image: IoSStAg025
grave: 638340
Osbert Hicks
image number IoSStAg025

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