Ivan Agoston grave monument in Civil (area 5) cemetery, Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Ivan Agoston grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ivan Agoston
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Ivan Agoston grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 635971)

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Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Ivan Agoston grave.

image: P1060127
grave: 635961
Victor Redrup
image number P1060127
image: P1060126
grave: 635962
Brenda Dennis
image number P1060126
image: P1060130
grave: 635963
Leonard David Ede
image number P1060130
image: P1060134
grave: 635964
Charles William George Revans
image number P1060134
image: P1060133
grave: 635965
Muriel Beattie Goodfellow
image number P1060133
image: P1060132
grave: 635966
Dennis Barnes
image number P1060132
image: P1060131
grave: 635967
John D Webb
image number P1060131
image: P1060135
grave: 635968
Betty Margaret Triggs
image number P1060135
image: P1060139
grave: 635969
Susan J H Maw
image number P1060139
image: P1060138
grave: 635970
Fred Harfield
image number P1060138
image: P1060137
grave: 635971
Ivan Agoston
image number P1060137
image: P1060136
grave: 635972
Muriel Violet Kathleen Agoston
image number P1060136
image: P1060140
grave: 635973
William Peter Spong
image number P1060140
image: P1060144
grave: 635974
Robert Henry Fielder
image number P1060144
image: P1060143
grave: 635975
Ken Elleker
image number P1060143
image: P1060142
grave: 635976
Harry William Tupper
image number P1060142
image: P1060141
grave: 635977
Josephine Collin
image number P1060141
image: P1060145
grave: 635978
Doreen Gladys Mary Chappell
image number P1060145
image: P1060149
grave: 635979
Olive Hunt
image number P1060149
image: P1060148
grave: 635980
Alan Kelsey
image number P1060148
image: P1060147
grave: 635981
Annie Aldred
image number P1060147

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