Leonard Tickell grave monument in St Peter and St Paul burial ground, Felixstowe, Suffolk, England

Leonard Tickell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Leonard Tickell
Florence Elizabeth Tickell Piggot nee Tickell
1998681930daughter of Leonard Tickell
Leslie Piggot
son-in-law of Leonard Tickell
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Leonard Tickell grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 61816)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Leonard Tickell was taken.

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image: Caney Reginald L 483
grave: 61806
Reginald L Caney
image number Caney Reginald L  483
image: Blundell Frederick 484
grave: 61807
Frederick Blundell
image number Blundell Frederick 484
image: Walkey Honor Kezia 485
grave: 61808
Honor Kezia Walkey
image number Walkey Honor Kezia 485
image: Lyons Mabel 486
grave: 61809
Mabel Lyons
image number Lyons Mabel 486
image: Roberts Catharine 486
grave: 61810
Catharine Roberts
image number Roberts Catharine  486
image: Cobb Jemima 487
grave: 61811
Jemima Cobb
image number Cobb Jemima  487
image: Croydon Percival A 487
grave: 61812
Percival A Croydon
image number Croydon Percival A  487
image: Hurst Margaret 488
grave: 61813
Margaret Hurst
image number Hurst Margaret 488
image: Skeet Lois 488
grave: 61814
Lois Skeet
image number Skeet Lois  488
image: Bullock John Eric 489
grave: 61815
John Eric Bullock
image number Bullock John Eric  489
image: Tickell Leonard 489
grave: 61816
Leonard Tickell
image number Tickell Leonard 489
image: Pratt Robert William 490
grave: 61817
Robert William Pratt
image number Pratt Robert William 490
image: Roat Alice Mary 491
grave: 61818
Alice Mary Roat
image number Roat Alice Mary  491
image: Tuddenham Bessie 492
grave: 61819
Bessie Tuddenham
image number Tuddenham Bessie 492
image: Butler Florence Lilian 493
grave: 61820
Florence Lilian Butler
image number Butler Florence Lilian 493
image: Hunt Emily Overton 493
grave: 61821
Emily Overton Hunt
image number Hunt Emily Overton 493
image: Griffin Arthur Leslie 494
grave: 61822
Arthur Leslie Griffin
image number Griffin Arthur Leslie  494
image: Hunt Eva 494
grave: 61823
Eva Hunt
image number Hunt Eva 494
image: Cobb Clara Edith 495
grave: 61824
Clara Edith Cobb
image number Cobb Clara Edith  495
image: Kettle Minnie Louisa 496
grave: 61825
Minnie Louisa Kettle
image number Kettle Minnie Louisa 496
image: Butterworth F M 499
grave: 61826
F M Butterworth
image number Butterworth F M  499

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