Sarah Ann Vaughan grave monument in St Mwrog and St Mary , Llanfwrog, Denbighshire, Wales

Sarah Ann Vaughan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sarah Ann Vaughan
22/05/1935601875first name on monument60 Mwrog St
Thomas Vaughan
08/06/1955821873husband of Sarah Ann Vaughan
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image: DSCF1592
grave: 616152
Elizabeth Mair Gratton
image number DSCF1592
image: DSCF1593
grave: 616153
Jane Roberts
image number DSCF1593
image: DSCF1594
grave: 616154
Mary Constance Roberts
image number DSCF1594
image: DSCF1595
grave: 616155
Thomas Lewis
image number DSCF1595
image: DSCF1596
grave: 616156
Charlotte Jane Preston
image number DSCF1596
image: DSCF1597
grave: 616157
William Tiplady
image number DSCF1597
image: DSCF1598
grave: 616158
Mary Ann Jones
image number DSCF1598
image: DSCF1599
grave: 616159
Joseph William Roberts
image number DSCF1599
image: DSCF1600
grave: 616160
George Edwards
image number DSCF1600
image: DSCF1601
grave: 616161
Isaac Vaughan
image number DSCF1601
image: DSCF1602
grave: 616162
Sarah Ann Vaughan
image number DSCF1602
image: DSCF1603
grave: 616163
Marian Grace Howells
image number DSCF1603
image: DSCF1604
grave: 616164
Thomas John Williams
image number DSCF1604
image: DSCF1605
grave: 616165
David Jones
image number DSCF1605
image: DSCF1606
grave: 616166
Eleanor Haig Peake
image number DSCF1606
image: DSCF1607
grave: 616167
William Evans
image number DSCF1607
image: DSCF1608
grave: 616168
Elias Smith
image number DSCF1608
image: DSCF1609
grave: 616169
Annie Jones
image number DSCF1609
image: DSCF1610
grave: 616170
Griffith William Griffiths
image number DSCF1610
image: DSCF1611
grave: 616171
John Lloyd Hughes
image number DSCF1611
image: DSCF1612
grave: 616172
Lilian Gladys Cooledge
image number DSCF1612

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