Hywel Maelor Roberts grave monument in St Mwrog and St Mary , Llanfwrog, Denbighshire, Wales

Hywel Maelor Roberts grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Hywel Maelor Roberts
09/04/1993751918first name on monumentRoyal Oak , Ruthin
Margaret Roberts MBE
18/05/2007871920wife of Hywel Maelor Roberts
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image: DSCF1542
grave: 616105
Glyn Rice-Jones
image number DSCF1542
image: DSCF1543
grave: 616106
Edwin Ellis
image number DSCF1543
image: DSCF1545
grave: 616107
James George Gilbert
image number DSCF1545
image: DSCF1546
grave: 616108
Edward Owens
image number DSCF1546
image: DSCF1547
grave: 616109
Jane Evans
image number DSCF1547
image: DSCF1548
grave: 616110
John Doyle
image number DSCF1548
image: DSCF1549
grave: 616111
Alice Jones
image number DSCF1549
image: DSCF1550
grave: 616112
Elizabeth J Evans
image number DSCF1550
image: DSCF1551
grave: 616113
Mary Elizabeth Griffiths
image number DSCF1551
image: DSCF1552
grave: 616114
Edith Mary Sanderson
image number DSCF1552
image: DSCF1555
grave: 616115
Hywel Maelor Roberts
image number DSCF1555
image: DSCF1556
grave: 616116
Gabriel Roberts
image number DSCF1556
image: DSCF1557
grave: 616117
Susannah Bryan
image number DSCF1557
image: DSCF1558
grave: 616118
Mary Conacher
image number DSCF1558
image: DSCF1559
grave: 616119
Walter West Price
image number DSCF1559
image: DSCF1560
grave: 616120
John Roberts
image number DSCF1560
image: DSCF1561
grave: 616121
Jessica Allsup
image number DSCF1561
image: DSCF1562
grave: 616122
Jennie Davies
image number DSCF1562
image: DSCF1563
grave: 616123
Geoffrey N Prothero
image number DSCF1563
image: DSCF1564
grave: 616124
Hugh Worthington
image number DSCF1564
image: DSCF1565
grave: 616125
Edward Hughes
image number DSCF1565

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