William Denholm grave monument in Currie Kirk burial ground, Currie, Midlothian, Scotland

William Denholm grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Denholm
Catherine Denholm
1862181844daughter of William Denholm
Catherine Denholm nee Fraser
1874581816wife of William Denholm
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image: 1020547
grave: 613979
Jean Alex
image number 1020547
image: 1020551
grave: 613980
Daniel Clark
image number 1020551
image: 1020557
grave: 613981
Andrew Ker
image number 1020557
image: 1020560
grave: 613982
David Wilson
image number 1020560
image: 1020563
grave: 613983
Elizabeth Bissland
image number 1020563
image: 1020565
grave: 613984
Alexander Cunningham
image number 1020565
image: 1020570
grave: 613985
Andrew Johnston
image number 1020570
image: 1020575
grave: 613986
James Ovens
image number 1020575
image: 1020577
grave: 613987
John Whyte
image number 1020577
image: 1020585
grave: 613988
Merin Wackitsha
image number 1020585
image: 1020586
grave: 613989
William Denholm
image number 1020586
image: 1020588
grave: 613990
Agnes Denholm
image number 1020588
image: 1020590
grave: 613991
Jessie Paterson
image number 1020590
image: 1020591
grave: 613992
William Shiels
image number 1020591
image: 1020596
grave: 613993
Hugh Fraser
image number 1020596
image: 1020600
grave: 613994
Andrew Campbell
image number 1020600
image: 1020601
grave: 613995
Marion Cowans
image number 1020601
image: 1020603
grave: 613996
David Denholm
image number 1020603
image: 1020605
grave: 613997
Robert Robertson
image number 1020605
image: 1020610
grave: 613998
Margaret Duncan
image number 1020610
image: 1020612
grave: 613999
Walter Stoddart
image number 1020612

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