Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 610275Details of grave number 610275 at St Luke Hickling for Constance Mary Woolley

Constance Mary Woolley grave monument in St Luke burial ground, Hickling, Nottinghamshire, England

Constance Mary Woolley grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Constance Mary Woolley
Bessie Timms
1998961902relationship not given of Constance Mary Woolley
Edward Thomas Timms
1980781902relationship not given of Constance Mary Woolley

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image: HPH 258
grave: 610265
John Alwyn Squires
image number HPH 258
image: HPH 259
grave: 610266
Wilfred Henry Parr
image number HPH 259
image: HPH 261
grave: 610267
Mary Ann Faulks
image number HPH 261
image: HPH 264
grave: 610268
Ann Corner
image number HPH 264
image: HPH 266
grave: 610269
Sarah Ann Parkes
image number HPH 266
image: HPH 269
grave: 610270
Susannah Shelton
image number HPH 269
image: HPH 271
grave: 610271
Robert Parkes
image number HPH 271
image: HPH 273
grave: 610272
John Henry Mann
image number HPH 273
image: HPH 274
grave: 610273
John Nail
image number HPH 274
image: HPH 275
grave: 610274
Constance Mary Woolley
image number HPH 275
image: HPH 276
grave: 610275
Constance Mary Woolley
image number HPH 276
image: HPH 277
grave: 610276
Nora Woolley
image number HPH 277
image: HPH 278
grave: 610277
Alice Hickling
image number HPH 278
image: HPH 279
grave: 610278
John Mann
image number HPH 279
image: HPH 281
grave: 610279
John Mann
image number HPH 281
image: HPH 282
grave: 610280
Richard Mann
image number HPH 282
image: HPH 283
grave: 610281
Mary Mann
image number HPH 283
image: HPH 284
grave: 610282
Mary Mann
image number HPH 284
image: HIG 003
grave: 610283
Alice Carpendale
image number HIG 003
image: HIG 015
grave: 610284
Mary Moor
image number HIG 015
image: HIG 018
grave: 610285
Mary Robinson
image number HIG 018

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