William Wigginton grave monument in St Andrew , Whissendine, Rutland, England

William Wigginton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Wigginton
1918681850first name on monumentOf Whissendine
Elizabeth Wigginton
1924771847wife of William Wigginton
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image: WHI 217
grave: 608646
William Arthur Palmer
image number WHI 217
image: WHI 218
grave: 608647
Jane Urqhart
image number WHI 218
image: WHI 220
grave: 608648
Fanny Faulks
image number WHI 220
image: WHI 221
grave: 608649
William Duffin
image number WHI 221
image: WHI 225
grave: 608650
Margaret Constance Muntz
image number WHI 225
image: WHI 227
grave: 608651
John Walster
image number WHI 227
image: WHI 229
grave: 608652
Joseph Stephen Thompson
image number WHI 229
image: WHI 230
grave: 608653
Ann Dutton
image number WHI 230
image: WHI 231
grave: 608654
Kathleen Freda Stubbs
image number WHI 231
image: WHI 232
grave: 608655
Thomas Eadie
image number WHI 232
image: WHI 233
grave: 608656
William Wigginton
image number WHI 233
image: WHI 234
grave: 608657
Sarah Ann Wright
image number WHI 234
image: WHI 235
grave: 608658
Ernest Chaplin
image number WHI 235
image: WHI 236
grave: 608659
Vere Chaplin
image number WHI 236
image: WHI 237
grave: 608660
Cecil Edward Buzzard
image number WHI 237
image: WHI 238
grave: 608661
Sarah Helen Pepper
image number WHI 238
image: WHI 239
grave: 608662
Mary Lizzie Preston
image number WHI 239
image: WHI 240
grave: 608663
Ann Marrott
image number WHI 240
image: WHI 241
grave: 608664
Ethel Pitt
image number WHI 241
image: WHI 242
grave: 608665
Emily Maud Pepper
image number WHI 242
image: WHI 244
grave: 608666
William Jesse Wiggington
image number WHI 244

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