T Bernard Hayes grave monument in St Andrew , Whissendine, Rutland, England

T Bernard Hayes grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
T Bernard Hayes
1919231896first name on monumentR C A In the Great War from gas poisoning
Arnold Edward Hayes
2002831919relationship not given of T Bernard HayesFlat stone
Joan Hayes
2006881918relationship not given of T Bernard Hayes
Elizabeth Hayes
1981891892wife of T Bernard Hayes
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image: WHI 184
grave: 608628
Charles Duffin
image number WHI 184
image: WHI 186
grave: 608629
Philip Burgin Chester
image number WHI 186
image: WHI 188
grave: 608630
Sarah Ann Thorpe
image number WHI 188
image: WHI 191
grave: 608631
Lilian Osborn
image number WHI 191
image: WHI 192
grave: 608632
Dorothy Mary Suter
image number WHI 192
image: WHI 193
grave: 608633
Ernest Edward Hayes
image number WHI 193
image: WHI 194
grave: 608634
Michael Charles Hayes
image number WHI 194
image: WHI 196
grave: 608635
Albert Carter
image number WHI 196
image: WHI 199
grave: 608636
Arthur Furley Wright
image number WHI 199
image: WHI 201
grave: 608637
Mabel Eleanor Richardson
image number WHI 201
image: WHI 203
grave: 608638
T Bernard Hayes
image number WHI 203
image: WHI 206
grave: 608639
Amelia Florence Hayes
image number WHI 206
image: WHI 208
grave: 608640
William Hayes
image number WHI 208
image: WHI 209
grave: 608641
William Edward Hayes
image number WHI 209
image: WHI 211
grave: 608642
Eileen Hayes
image number WHI 211
image: WHI 212
grave: 608643
Charles William Bell
image number WHI 212
image: WHI 215
grave: 608644
Henry Godley
image number WHI 215
image: WHI 216
grave: 608645
Edith Amy Jackson
image number WHI 216
image: WHI 217
grave: 608646
William Arthur Palmer
image number WHI 217
image: WHI 218
grave: 608647
Jane Urqhart
image number WHI 218
image: WHI 220
grave: 608648
Fanny Faulks
image number WHI 220

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