H B Adams grave monument in St John and St Cuthbert (joint) burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

H B Adams grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Major H B Adams
Susanna Eliza Adams
1836281808wife of H B Adams
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find H B Adams grave location

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image: 554
grave: 60403
William Elliot Armstrong
image number 554
image: 557
grave: 60404
Alexander Forman
image number 557
image: 559
grave: 60405
Christiane Traill
image number 559
image: 560
grave: 60406
Thomas Traill
image number 560
image: 561
grave: 60407
William Robert Watson
image number 561
image: 562
grave: 60408
Georgina Omond
image number 562
image: 563
grave: 60409
Jane Markenlay
image number 563
image: 564
grave: 60410
Gilbert Robertson
image number 564
image: 566
grave: 60411
Jean Douglas
image number 566
image: 567
grave: 60412
James Young
image number 567
image: 571
grave: 60413
H B Adams
image number 571
image: 573
grave: 60414
John Simpson
image number 573
image: 574
grave: 60415
James Pearson
image number 574
image: 577
grave: 60416
John Dowlin
image number 577
image: 579
grave: 60417
Margaret Cochrane
image number 579
image: 582
grave: 60418
Alexander Smith
image number 582
image: 583
grave: 60419
Thomas Irvine
image number 583
image: 584
grave: 60420
John Waddell
image number 584
image: 587
grave: 60421
Euphemia Sutherland
image number 587
image: 589
grave: 60422
image number 589
image: 593
grave: 60423
Andrew Jack
image number 593

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