Agnes Abercrombie grave monument in St John and St Cuthbert (joint) burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Agnes Abercrombie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Agnes Abercrombie
Nina Mary Abercrombie
daughter of Agnes Abercrombie
Alamina Abercrombie
1853 daughter of Agnes Abercrombie
Georgina Abercrombie
daughter of Agnes Abercrombie
Margaret Jane Abercrombie
daughter of Agnes Abercrombie
Harriet Abercrombie
daughter of Agnes Abercrombie
Barbara Abercrombie
1895 daughter of Agnes Abercrombie
Agnes Abercrombie
daughter of Agnes Abercrombie
John Abercrombie
1844641780husband of Agnes Abercrombie
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image: 8607
grave: 59925
Joseph Harrtman
image number 8607
image: 8609
grave: 59926
Harriet E C H Hamilton
image number 8609
image: 8610
grave: 59927
John James Hamilton
image number 8610
image: 8611
grave: 59928
Walter Hamilton
image number 8611
image: 8612
grave: 59929
Robert Kerr Hamilton
image number 8612
image: 8613
grave: 59930
Daniel Hamilton
image number 8613
image: 8614
grave: 59931
Isabella Hamilton
image number 8614
image: 8617
grave: 59932
Anne Chappel
image number 8617
image: 8627
grave: 59933
Francis Masterton Ure
image number 8627
image: 8630
grave: 59934
Robina Oliver
image number 8630
image: 8631
grave: 59935
Agnes Abercrombie
image number 8631
image: 8635
grave: 59936
Susan Wardlaw
image number 8635
image: 8639
grave: 59937
Alexander Munro
image number 8639
image: 8640
grave: 59938
Alexander Munro
image number 8640
image: 8646
grave: 59939
Jane Mackgill
image number 8646
image: 8647
grave: 59940
Margaret Rutherford
image number 8647
image: 8648
grave: 59941
Mary Joass
image number 8648
image: 8650
grave: 59942
Alexander Joass
image number 8650
image: 8652
grave: 59943
Thomas Cleghorn
image number 8652
image: 8656
grave: 59944
image number 8656
image: 8657
grave: 59945
William Dott Thomson
image number 8657

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