Andrew Millar grave monument in St John and St Cuthbert (joint) burial ground, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Andrew Millar grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Andrew Millar
Mary Ann Abercromby nee Millar
1908721836daughter of Andrew Millar
George Johnston Millar
1842 son of Andrew Millar
David Baird Millar
1850 son of Andrew Millar
William Henry Millar
1855 son of Andrew Millar
Colonel Francis Jeffrey Millar
1881 son of Andrew Millar
James Poland Millar
1885 son of Andrew Millar
Major General John Crawford Millar
1888 son of Andrew Millar
Jane Johnston
1874781796wife of Andrew Millar
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Andrew Millar grave location

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image: 8295
grave: 59768
Thomas Pyrer
image number 8295
image: 8297
grave: 59769
Alexander Edgar
image number 8297
image: 8299
grave: 59770
John Thomson
image number 8299
image: 8300
grave: 59771
Robert Ainslie
image number 8300
image: 8302
grave: 59772
Martha Alexander
image number 8302
image: 8305
grave: 59773
Andrew Watson
image number 8305
image: 8306
grave: 59774
Mary Crichton Kyle
image number 8306
image: 8304
grave: 59775
Hugh (Baby) Watson
image number 8304
image: 8307
grave: 59776
James Gardiner Baird Bart
image number 8307
image: 8311
grave: 59777
Marion Johnston
image number 8311
image: 8312
grave: 59778
Andrew Millar
image number 8312
image: 8314
grave: 59779
John Young Carmichael
image number 8314
image: 8315
grave: 59780
James Carmichael
image number 8315
image: 8317
grave: 59781
James Henderson
image number 8317
image: 8318
grave: 59782
Elisabeth Tennant
image number 8318
image: 8319
grave: 59783
John Carfrae Books
image number 8319
image: 8320
grave: 59784
Adam Thomson
image number 8320
image: 8321
grave: 59785
Duncan Stewart
image number 8321
image: 8324
grave: 59786
Jane Hanson
image number 8324
image: 8325
grave: 59787
Isabella Haig
image number 8325
image: 8326
grave: 59788
James Fairbairn
image number 8326

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