Incognitus Miles Romanus grave monument in Llanrhydd , Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales

Incognitus Miles Romanus grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Incognitus Miles Romanus
first name on monumentUnknown Roman Soldier died between 25 and 70 A.D.
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image: P1040561
grave: 595387
Victor Rowlands
image number P1040561
image: P1040562
grave: 595388
Thomas William Jones
image number P1040562
image: P1040600
grave: 595389
Christopher David Gibson
image number P1040600
image: P1040601
grave: 595390
Clifford Coppack
image number P1040601
image: P1040602
grave: 595391
Phyllis Clough
image number P1040602
image: P1040603
grave: 595392
Robert Edwards
image number P1040603
image: P1040606
grave: 595393
Eileen Grogan
image number P1040606
image: P1040607
grave: 595394
Myra Rubbell
image number P1040607
image: P1040608
grave: 595395
Richard Leonard Nash
image number P1040608
image: P1040609
grave: 595396
George Durrell
image number P1040609
image: P1040610
grave: 595397
Incognitus Miles Romanus
image number P1040610
image: P1040611
grave: 595398
Robert Henry Jones
image number P1040611
image: P1040612
grave: 595399
Jane Waddelove
image number P1040612
image: P1040613
grave: 595400
John Norman Jones
image number P1040613
image: P1040614
grave: 595401
Michael Irving
image number P1040614
image: P1040615
grave: 595402
Eileen Mary Coppack
image number P1040615
image: P1040616
grave: 595403
John Anthony O'donovan
image number P1040616
image: P1040617
grave: 595404
Hilda Smith
image number P1040617
image: P1040618
grave: 595405
Ella Mai Foulkes
image number P1040618
image: P1040619
grave: 595406
Gwynfryn Jones
image number P1040619
image: P1040620
grave: 595407
Eirlys Mai Parry
image number P1040620

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