Mary Ann Addison Williams grave monument in D2 Municipal , Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

Mary Ann Addison Williams grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Ann Addison Williams
1916621854first name on monument
Marie Shelley Williams
daughter of Mary Ann Addison Williams
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image: 1130836
grave: 59093
Charles Baines
image number 1130836
image: 1130837
grave: 59094
Charles Watson
image number 1130837
image: 1130838
grave: 59095
Sarah Jameson
image number 1130838
image: 1130839
grave: 59096
Susannah Hopkins
image number 1130839
image: 1130842
grave: 59097
Albert Young
image number 1130842
image: 1130843
grave: 59098
Edward Greenwell
image number 1130843
image: 1130844
grave: 59099
Alger William Ling Spensley
image number 1130844
image: 1130847
grave: 59100
Albert Henry Brace
image number 1130847
image: 1130849
grave: 59101
John Haddaway
image number 1130849
image: 1130850
grave: 59102
Eliza Charlton
image number 1130850
image: 1130851
grave: 59103
Mary Ann Addison Williams
image number 1130851
grave: 59104
Joseph John Gray
image number
image: 1130852
grave: 59105
Frances Theresa Newbould
image number 1130852
image: 1130853
grave: 59106
William Eckert
image number 1130853
image: 1130855
grave: 59107
William Milestone
image number 1130855
image: 1130856
grave: 59108
George Farndall
image number 1130856
image: 1130857
grave: 59109
George Heritage
image number 1130857
image: 1130858
grave: 59110
Jeremiah Walker
image number 1130858
image: 1130859
grave: 59111
John Brown
image number 1130859
image: 1130860
grave: 59112
Alice Goodall
image number 1130860
image: 1130861
grave: 59113
Samuel Carter
image number 1130861

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