Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 590792Details of grave number 590792 at Pioneer Memorial Gates Kerang for Annette Cecilia Hovenden

Annette Cecilia Hovenden grave monument in Pioneer Memorial Gates cemetery, Kerang, Victoria, Australia

Annette Cecilia Hovenden grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Annette Cecilia Hovenden
Pamela Hovenden
daughter of Annette Cecilia Hovenden
Mervyn George Hovenden
15/02/20076729/01/1940husband of Annette Cecilia Hovenden
Daniel Hovenden
son of Annette Cecilia Hovenden
Damian Hovenden
son of Annette Cecilia Hovenden

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image: P1160719
grave: 590782
Alan David Mclean
image number P1160719
image: P1160720
grave: 590783
Thomas Hamilton Osborne
image number P1160720
image: P1160721
grave: 590784
Elsie Agnes Mckenzie
image number P1160721
image: P1160722
grave: 590785
Rodney Steven Johnston
image number P1160722
image: P1160723
grave: 590786
Thomas Martin Fenton
image number P1160723
image: P1160725
grave: 590787
Sabina Bax
image number P1160725
image: P1160726
grave: 590788
Dulcie May Loosemore
image number P1160726
image: P1160727
grave: 590789
June Elizabeth Hein
image number P1160727
image: P1160728
grave: 590790
Margaret Joyce Mills
image number P1160728
image: P1160729
grave: 590791
Keith William Whitwood
image number P1160729
image: P1160730
grave: 590792
Annette Cecilia Hovenden
image number P1160730
image: P1160731
grave: 590793
Eric Charles Scantleton
image number P1160731
image: P1160732
grave: 590794
Violet Victoria Heffer
image number P1160732
image: P1160733
grave: 590795
Darrel Robert Morris
image number P1160733
image: P1160734
grave: 590796
William Alfred Mcalister
image number P1160734
image: P1160735
grave: 590797
Maisie Drysdale Smith
image number P1160735
image: P1160736
grave: 590798
Neil Lindsay Bramich
image number P1160736
image: P1160737
grave: 590799
John Edward Lynch
image number P1160737
image: P1160738
grave: 590800
George William Greenwood
image number P1160738
image: P1160739
grave: 590801
Matthew John Hosie
image number P1160739
image: P1160740
grave: 590802
Kathleen Margaret Tarr
image number P1160740

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