William Steel grave monument in D2 Municipal , Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

William Steel grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Steel
1931611870first name on monument
Agnes Jane Steel
1940 wife of William Steel
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find William Steel grave location

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image: 1130677
grave: 58965
John Robert Dixon
image number 1130677
image: 1130678
grave: 58966
John Cook
image number 1130678
image: 1130679
grave: 58967
Thomas H Ratcliff
image number 1130679
image: 1130680
grave: 58968
Dorothy Winton
image number 1130680
image: 1130681
grave: 58969
Albert Hodgson
image number 1130681
image: 1130682
grave: 58970
William James Rist
image number 1130682
image: 1130683
grave: 58971
Janet Macpherson
image number 1130683
image: 1130684
grave: 58972
William Steel
image number 1130684
image: 1130685
grave: 58973
Mary Isabella Ferguson
image number 1130685
image: 1130686
grave: 58974
Enoch Vintner
image number 1130686
image: 1130687
grave: 58975
John Henry Dixon
image number 1130687
image: 1130688
grave: 58976
Ernest Benson
image number 1130688
image: 1130689
grave: 58977
David Woods
image number 1130689
image: 1130690
grave: 58978
Wiliam Clare
image number 1130690
image: 1130691
grave: 58979
William Henry James
image number 1130691
image: 1130693
grave: 58980
Robert Henderson
image number 1130693
image: 1130694
grave: 58981
Archibald McFarlane
image number 1130694
image: 1130695
grave: 58982
Ethel Coverdale
image number 1130695

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