Richard Pallister grave monument in C6 Municipal , Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

Richard Pallister grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Richard Pallister
1937471890first name on monument
Jean Pallister
1932 wife of Richard Pallister
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image: 1140916
grave: 58768
Cecil Wren Harland
image number 1140916
image: 1140919
grave: 58769
George W White
image number 1140919
image: 1140920
grave: 58770
Laura Harris
image number 1140920
image: 1140921
grave: 58771
Johanette Lisette Kraus
image number 1140921
image: 1140922
grave: 58772
Phoebe Helen Price
image number 1140922
image: 1140923
grave: 58773
Ada Pearson
image number 1140923
image: 1140924
grave: 58774
E H Davies
image number 1140924
image: 1140925
grave: 58775
Thomas Bashford
image number 1140925
image: 1140926
grave: 58776
Margaret Kitching
image number 1140926
image: 1140927
grave: 58777
Charles Foster
image number 1140927
image: 1140929
grave: 58778
Richard Pallister
image number 1140929
image: 1140930
grave: 58779
William Nichols
image number 1140930
image: 1140932
grave: 58780
Albert Norminton
image number 1140932
image: 1140933
grave: 58781
Charles Reeve
image number 1140933
image: 1140935
grave: 58782
Clara Knowles
image number 1140935
image: 1140936
grave: 58783
William Ambler
image number 1140936
image: 1140937
grave: 58784
Robert Hardman
image number 1140937
image: 1140938
grave: 58785
John William Maybray
image number 1140938
image: 1140939
grave: 58786
Charles Frederick Bowes
image number 1140939
image: 1140941
grave: 58787
Norma Browning
image number 1140941
image: 1140943
grave: 58788
Florence S Rayner
image number 1140943

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