Thomas Dunn grave monument in Public , Macedon, Victoria, Australia

Thomas Dunn grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Dunn
29/04/1962861876first name on monument
Anne Marie Dunn
21/02/1970891881wife of Thomas Dunn
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image: P1090522
grave: 587750
Ernest Brookes
image number P1090522
image: P1090523
grave: 587751
John Walter Hill
image number P1090523
image: P1090524
grave: 587752
Neil Unsworth
image number P1090524
image: P1090525
grave: 587753
Benjamin James Cameron
image number P1090525
image: P1090526
grave: 587754
George Weston Robinson
image number P1090526
image: P1090527
grave: 587755
Betty Edith Clare
image number P1090527
image: P1090528
grave: 587756
Noenrjames Millington Pettengell
image number P1090528
image: P1090529
grave: 587757
William John Seymour
image number P1090529
image: P1090530
grave: 587758
Michael H Boothroyd
image number P1090530
image: P1090531
grave: 587759
Mauricne Frederick Cogger
image number P1090531
image: P1090532
grave: 587760
Thomas Dunn
image number P1090532
image: P1090533
grave: 587761
Joan Lillias Cogger
image number P1090533
image: P1090534
grave: 587762
image number P1090534
image: P1090535
grave: 587763
Violet Cogger
image number P1090535
image: P1090538
grave: 587764
Emelie Frederica Cogger
image number P1090538
image: P1090539
grave: 587765
Henry Nicholls
image number P1090539
image: P1090540
grave: 587766
image number P1090540
image: P1090541
grave: 587767
Erin Nicholls Cogger
image number P1090541
image: P1090542
grave: 587768
Peter Charles Cogger
image number P1090542
image: P1090543
grave: 587769
Geoffrey Richard Nansen
image number P1090543
image: P1090544
grave: 587770
William Lee Kenworthy
image number P1090544

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