Alexander Gibb grave monument in Will Will Rook , Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia

Alexander Gibb grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alexander Gibb
23/3/1882711811first name on monumentFarmer
Betsy Ann Gibb
30/1/185411853daughter of Alexander Gibbage 17m
Maggie Gibb
23/12/186751862daughter of Alexander Gibb
John Couper Gibb
3/2/1886371849son of Alexander GibbGentleman
Elizabeth Gibb
03/12/1906861820wife of Alexander GibbHousewife
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image: P1180265
grave: 586903
John Grant
image number P1180265
image: P1180267
grave: 586904
Jean Purdon
image number P1180267
image: P1180268
grave: 586905
John Clark
image number P1180268
image: P1180274
grave: 586906
Alice Jane Lyons
image number P1180274
image: P1180277
grave: 586907
image number P1180277
image: P1180278
grave: 586908
Thomas John Oliver
image number P1180278
image: P1180279
grave: 586909
Emily Eliza Bull
image number P1180279
image: P1180280
grave: 586910
image number P1180280
image: P1180281
grave: 586911
Margaret Rankin
image number P1180281
image: P1180282
grave: 586912
Peter A Sinclair
image number P1180282
image: P1180284
grave: 586913
Alexander Gibb
image number P1180284
image: P1180287
grave: 586914
James Gibb
image number P1180287
image: P1180288
grave: 586915
James Robertson
image number P1180288
image: P1180290
grave: 586916
James Ferguson
image number P1180290
image: P1180291
grave: 586917
Margaret Martell
image number P1180291
image: P1180292
grave: 586918
John Murry Peck
image number P1180292
image: P1180295
grave: 586919
James Robertson
image number P1180295
image: P1180298
grave: 586920
Margaret Mcpherson Mcnab
image number P1180298
image: P1180301
grave: 586921
Paul Cameron
image number P1180301
image: P1180301
grave: 586922
Donald Cameron
image number P1180301
image: P1180305
grave: 586923
Ewan Cameron
image number P1180305

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