Jonathan Ball grave monument in St John the Baptist , Royston, Yorkshire, England

Jonathan Ball grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Jonathan Ball
1936 first name on monument
Ivy Margaret Ball
daughter of Jonathan BallDied in infancy.
Dulcie Mary Williams nee Ball
1964 daughter of Jonathan Ball
Dewi M Williams
son-in-law of Jonathan Ball
Harriette Ball
1937 wife of Jonathan Ball
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image: DSC_5940
grave: 581648
John Hirst
image number DSC_5940
image: DSC_5941
grave: 581649
William Wilson
image number DSC_5941
image: DSC_5942
grave: 581650
Elizabeth Dodgson
image number DSC_5942
image: DSC_5945
grave: 581651
Edward Raywood
image number DSC_5945
image: DSC_5946
grave: 581652
Martha Holdham
image number DSC_5946
image: DSC_5948
grave: 581653
Charles Gooddy
image number DSC_5948
image: DSC_5951
grave: 581654
William Wordsworth
image number DSC_5951
image: DSC_5953
grave: 581655
Fanny Maria Woodcock
image number DSC_5953
image: DSC_5957
grave: 581656
John Gooddy
image number DSC_5957
image: DSC_5957
grave: 581657
Charles Gooddy
image number DSC_5957
image: DSC_5959
grave: 581658
Jonathan Ball
image number DSC_5959
image: DSC_5960
grave: 581659
Mary Ann Guest
image number DSC_5960
image: DSC_5961
grave: 581660
Ann White
image number DSC_5961
image: DSC_5963
grave: 581661
Abia Watson
image number DSC_5963
image: DSC_5964
grave: 581662
Nellie Gibson
image number DSC_5964
image: DSC_5965
grave: 581663
Elizabeth Ann Gillott
image number DSC_5965
image: DSC_5966
grave: 581664
Emily Blenkinsop
image number DSC_5966
image: DSC_5967
grave: 581665
Sarah Elizabeth Wood
image number DSC_5967
image: DSC_5968
grave: 581666
William Garnett
image number DSC_5968
image: DSC_5969
grave: 581667
James Belfield
image number DSC_5969
image: DSC_5970
grave: 581668
Mary Ann Holdsworth
image number DSC_5970

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