Lois Briglin grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Barrow upon Humber, Lincolnshire, England

Lois Briglin grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Lois Briglin
Norman Such Briglin
1995801915son of Lois Briglin
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Lois Briglin grave location

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image: 1126
grave: 577368
Harold Walker Edwards
image number 1126
image: 1127
grave: 577369
Richard Edwards
image number 1127
image: 1128
grave: 577370
George Arthur Thorndyke
image number 1128
image: 1129
grave: 577371
Gladys Newton
image number 1129
image: 1130
grave: 577372
Fred Lawson
image number 1130
image: 1131
grave: 577373
Thomas Whittle
image number 1131
image: 1132
grave: 577374
Joseph Sellars
image number 1132
image: 1133
grave: 577375
Annie Wrightson
image number 1133
image: 1134
grave: 577376
Joseph Hewitt
image number 1134
image: 1135
grave: 577377
Arthur Hewitt
image number 1135
image: 1136
grave: 577378
Lois Briglin
image number 1136
image: 1137
grave: 577379
Walter Tong
image number 1137
image: 1139
grave: 577380
Carol Metcalfe
image number 1139
image: 1140
grave: 577381
Alfred James Potts
image number 1140
image: 1141
grave: 577382
Mary Watts Potts
image number 1141
image: 1142
grave: 577383
Joseph Pullan Pullan
image number 1142
image: 1143
grave: 577384
John Rutter
image number 1143
image: 1144
grave: 577385
George Reed
image number 1144
image: 1145
grave: 577386
George Howson
image number 1145
image: 1146
grave: 577387
Muriel Gibson
image number 1146
image: 1147
grave: 577388
Alfred Hargreaves
image number 1147

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